Ten Good Reasons To Get Married

Ten Good Reasons To Get Married

Not that you need any more reasons to get married, but we give you ten more! You got the man, here comes the dress:

As you well know’ from the bride’s point of view, choosing your wedding dress is not only the most exciting part of your wedding, but also the first thing on your mind and shopping list.

Whether you have or not had a clear picture of your perfect dress etched in your mind forever, the key to finding it is research. So unless you are one of those girls that tries wedding gowns on for the hell of it when it comes to actually trying on different gowns, bear in mind that your dream dress may not actually suit your body type!

As with all fashion, certain styles suit certain body types better than others. Your aim is to highlight your best features and camouflage any imperfections.

To begin the search, look through magazines, websites and online blogs, when you see something you like, reference it, gather as many pictures as you can so that you can shortlist them later.

Tips for making your shopping experience worthwhile:
1. Make a shortlist of stores and designers to visit.
2. Choose three designers whose gowns appealed to you, and arrange a time to meet with them.
3. Shop with an open mind, and take advice from the designers, they are experts.
4. Never say never to trying a dress on that you wouldn’t normally go for.
5. Take a couple of people with you, feedback is crucial.
6. Choose a dress colour that suits your skin tone.
7. Try your dress on with your shoes prior to purchasing.