Kids and their roles at Weddings

Kids and their roles at Weddings

 You’ve got to love kids at weddings, right?

Let’s face it children really up the cuteness factor of any bridal party, and the photos!

More often at weddings we are seeing boys, girls and youngsters taking on responsibilities that are usually held by adults. In the ‘old days’ children sprinkled the joy of herbs on the bride’s path to promote fertility. Today, flower girls usually precede the bride and may throw petals as a token gesture or carry a small bouquet of flowers or wreath.

Boys take on roles of ring bearers or junior groomsmen. Often by giving kids and toddlers a task on the day they are enthusiastic and might just go with the flow, just bear in mind that they are children and although they may be pleasing to the eye unexpected behavior and emotions can cause mishaps and delays therefore careful planning is required as well as a back-up plan or a big bag of jelly beans!

 Begin by deciding if your wedding is going to be children friendly.

1. For instance what time of day are the ceremony and the reception taking place?

2. If it is a late wedding that goes into the evening, will the children get tired and irritable?

3. Are you going to provide kids meals and what can you doing to minimize boredom?

4. Is there a children’s area with a table with activities such as colouring books, pencils and games? Disposable cameras for budding photographers are another popular way to pass time.

In some churches, there are soundproof children’s rooms with windows where they can view the proceedings while playing with toys provided. You may consider a children’s retreat at the reception with hired babysitter’s. It will give you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy yourself knowing the younger contingent are safe and in good hands.

If you have decided to include kid’s the next hurdle will be considering a child or children in the bridal party. Speak to the parents first. As they know their child best! Once you have decided who to include, ask them personally and explain the details of what will be expected. Most kids will burst with excitement and will be grateful.

Treat children in the bridal party the same as you would the adults. Kids respond to responsibility. Explain everything to them including traditions and walk through everything they should and should not do. If they are fully aware of what they are to do they will be confident and less inclined to be overly nervous on the day. If they are to stand in a special spot mark an X with tape.

Ensure they attend all rehearsals and get to know the rest of the bridal party.

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