Bridesmaids Alert – Who Has The Final Say On The Dress

Bridesmaids Alert – Who Has The Final Say On The Dress

While ultimately the bride has the final say, the bridesmaids should be able to offer considerable opinion especially if they are footing the bill for their dress, shoes and accessories. Obviously pre-negotiation of the costs amoungst the maids and bride-to-be should take place prior to shopping.

Just be prepared to visit an endless stream of department stores and boutiques on a mission to find a stylish, appropriately priced, perfect dress in a wide array of colours.

If the bride is somewhat a ‘fashionista-sista’ the task may be easier as she will already have her heart set on a dress in one of the latest colours, which is easier to find than a colour that isn’t on trend.

Also depending on how traditional the bride is will determine the magnitude of how many versions of frock’s you will have to hunt down and try on. The style of the wedding also plays a part in the fashion stakes! What with the increase in backyard, barnyard and beach wedding’s the iconic long fitted conventional bridesmaids dresses are a dying art.

I shouldn’t worry though with the multitude of awesome designers and suppliers in WA, you have a huge variety of dresses to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something suitable and that pleases everyone.

The bridesmaids’ dresses can of course all be the same style and colour, or the same colour but all different styles – this is very common nowadays, it’s a sensible way to complement and flatter a bevy of individual body types within the party.

Buying Tips when shopping – A bridesmaid should aim to make the most of her purchases for future wear. Ideally a dress that can be worn again at another formal event or cocktail party, or a glam night out-on-the-town with the girls! Same applies to the shoes and accessories although they need to complement the bridesmaid’s dress and style they can also be extremely versatile for everyday wear There’s no point in spending all that money on something that will never be worn again – after all dresses, shoes and accessories were made for wearing over and over again!

Best of all, with everyone looking so glam and gorgeous, everyone will have beautiful photographs as keepsakes for many years to come. It’s truly a day when very special friends can have a lot of fun together and treasure the memories for ever.

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